Learn to Earn | Gamification

The concept of learn-to-earn is ideally suited to the Polyversity metaverse. It provides a compelling reason to enter the virtual world, since this is real money being earned through competitive games, educational credits and inter-university events. Alternatively, one could also earn money by simply being a creator and selling one’s own creations.

The idea is to reward all users within the world not with some useless game tokens or points, but actually allow them to earn for learning and growing the world. There are many ways to earn in Polyversity, including things like:

  1. Perfect attendance, good scores, and academic performance.

  2. Helping your group and community grow

  3. Being a facilitator, an enabler or helper

  4. Coordinating events

  5. Creating and producing content and assets for others to use

  6. Building out a campus or other space for others

  7. Interning with the company of your choice

The idea is to learn skills and communication, work with and help others, and get a sense of what it will be like dealing with the 'real world'. It would even be possible to get actual jobs, since Polyversity is a very versatile platform for remote work as well. <explore this in more detail>

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