At some point, we expect Polyversity to grow far faster than it can achieve on its own. For example, a university wishing to establish its presence in Polyversity will inevitably want to build it's own campus and have access to all the best learning and teaching tools available so that it can provide quality education to its students.

The majority of these spaces and building tools will be built by our partners- whether it is a design studio or architecture firm that will undertake the design and setup of the virtual campus, or an edtech startup that wishes to create a new kind of experiential learning tool, or a business or individual who wishes to create 3D assets for the marketplace. All are welcome to partner with Polyversity.

The central concept is to encourage creators of all types to partner with us and begin earning money from their creations.

We can partner with tech giants as well to explore new technologies in the area of digital twins, for example

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