Land Administrators

Land admins

There can be multiple administrative personnel for a single land parcel, designated by the land owner for different aspects of the administration of the space. UAs have a lot of control over the land parcel, including but not limited to:

1. Setting up the virtual campus: They can build and landscape the entire parcel, or buy pre-built structures and modules from the marketplace. They can even contract out the job to independent architects and developers.

2. Monitoring academic activities and schedules campus-wide. This is analogous to the job of a dean, to ensure that classes and activities are held in a timely and organized manner.

3. Setting up and managing virtual events, coordinating with other UAs for multi-college festivals and exchange programs.

4. Designate lower-tier users on a temporary basis to manage events and gatherings and grant them both security as well as group communication abilities.

5. Security and communications: Basically a UA is responsible for maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in their campus, as well as making students, teachers and visitors aware of events and happenings across the campus. This includes setting up blogs and bulletins, notifying people of upcoming events etc.

Different UA accounts can have specific designations and responsibilities across different aspects of the maintenance and upkeep of the campus on a daily basis. While all UAs have the same level of privilege, some could be specific to academics, others to security, maintenance, events and communications. Their roles can be broken down granular, making it more effective to manage the virtual campus overall.

All UAs are given their roles by the land owner, who has complete control over all their roles and responsibilities.

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