World/Web Administrators


This is a role designated to a select handful who will be responsible for developing the entire world as a whole. WAs include the development team for both the website and metaverse, as well as management. This role is to be used sparingly since WAs have the ability to make sweeping changes to the entire platform.

WA privileges include but are not limited to:

1. Creating new land parcels and regions in the virtual world and administering them globally.

2. Altering the landscape, ambience, time of day and controls across every parcel in the world.

3. Administration of public spaces such as the Genesis plazas and public teleport locations.

4. Broadcasting world-wide announcements, updates, notifications and communications.

5. World security: Complete control over all user profiles and addressing/resolving complaints.

6. Technology: Platform updates, maintenance and upkeep of all spaces across the world.

7. Support: Addressing complaints, service requests and user suggestions.

Post MVP, we would need to break down the WA tasks to separate teams that are responsible for specific areas like security, policing, maintenance, communications and others.

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