The Builder Tool

The builder tool

The Polyversity builder tool is a downloadable offline software that allows users to create any piece of content that can be used inside the virtual world. It also includes sub-tools for creation and customization of avatars, accessories and wearables.

The builder tool allows users to create their own environments, buildings, landscapes, vehicles, avatars, clothing and objects to be used within the metaverse. All models and textures created will be in the USD file format, there is also a tool that keeps track of the number of objects created to conform with the ideal size and optimization of the spaces.

Once the user is satisfied with the space they have created, they can import all of the assets or the entire pre-built space into their inventory as an NFT along with all the objects within it. They can then set up the NFT on plots they have purchased on the mainland, sell them as NFTs, or simply set it up on their own home space and link that space to the mainland on a persistent or temporary basis.

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