A metaverse is defined by its avatars. Your avatar is a representation of your digital identity as well as your personal self. We will be using the Ready Player Me avatar tools to allow users to customize their avatars at the MVP level, with a completely redesigned avatar creator as part of the creator tools, to follow.

Avatars are limited to a maximum height of 9 feet/275 cm and width 4 feet/120 cm. Non-human avatars are allowed, one can use the creator tool to build one’s own avatar. An articulated FBX or GLB mesh import is also possible.

In the Polyversity metaverse, avatars are highly customizable. There is an avatar customization tool that allows you to change the physical appearance of your avatar either manually or by using a visual reference like a photograph. Currently we are using the Ready Player Me APIs, as they have a large user base and can be work within different metaverses.

We will need to make an effort to make avatars as usable and user friendly as possible, in order to make it intuitive for any user to create and customize their own. At a later point, we will be allowing for the integration of volumetrically captured and created photo-realistic 3D avatars.

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