The Polyversity online marketplace will be a space that will hold all the assets needed in-world. These can include anything from buildings to avatars to clothing and objects. Once those assets are purchased they will interact with the world in different ways. The marketplace will be central to the Polyversity economy as it gives power to developers, creators and general users.

The market is available to all Polyversity users on both the website and within the world. It will sell everything from entire themed avatars to accessories, wearables, vehicles, furniture, buildings and even pieces of virtual land available for either rent or outright sale. Land items are NFTs while all other objects can be purchased using either Fiat or the Polyversity token.

The marketplace has the provision to buy, sell, showcase, transfer and auction digital goods of all types. Unlike conventional marketplaces, this one will showcase all kinds of 2D and 3D digital content. All assets and content purchased within the marketplace will be usable within the virtual world and linked to the user’s inventory and profile.

Users can also create custom shopping pages for their stores, and create their virtual counterparts within the world. This will lead to a vibrant creator-led economy, though there will also need to be an element of policing in order to reduce the chances of plagiarism, counterfeiting and stealing both within the web marketplace and the virtual world.

For the MVP we don't have an inventory system so purchases will not be possible, but the marketplace can be displayed with a message that these functionalities will be added soon.

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