The BBN token is an ERC-20 token with a total supply capped at 1 Trillion. Of this, 25% of the tokens are initially in circulation, with the initial liquidity and contract ownership burned. The remaining tokens can be minted into circulation as well as earned or won directly within the metaverse. Token unlocks will be available to both private investors and developers based on a rewards system.

BBN tokens are fully transparent, community owned and driven. They will be the key medium of exchange within the metaverse. They will be accessed via both common wallets like MetaMask as well as a custom BBN wallet that will allow tokens to be purchased directly using fiat currency as well as popular crypto exchanges.

The BBN token is the optimal technology to build a solid groundwork for interaction, experience and economics in the virtual world.

Polyversity is aiming at this seamless and usable platform that allows users to make free transactions with the metaverse and web marketplace to buy, sell and transfer NFTs and digital assets from each other. This will be a hybrid bridge, allowing for both crypto and fiat purchases.

We will ensure secure and fair gameplay and event moderation mechanisms in the metaverse in order to avoid misuse of these systems. We will also look into player based policing as well as automatic cheat detection in order to minimize the risk of people misusing or abusing these systems.

We aim to provide a vibrant virtual economy with multiple ways to earn, trade or win real money. We will also make it open to community, creator and developer inputs so that there are incrementally increasing numbers of assets, rewards, experiences and tokens available. In this, we will take inspiration from the Second Life economy where all players have the ability to not only earn from playing the games but by selling their own creations and services directly within the virtual world.

Jobs will also be a key feature in the Polyversity metaverse, with players being able to earn tokens by giving their time and services. You could be an event manager, a booking agent, an art gallery curator, or any one of the regular paying jobs the metaverse can provide. This offers an incredible opportunity for even unskilled players to earn money by simply working a job in the metaverse.

This will also be a continuous learning process for us, to create a working economy that replicates the real world where actions bring consequences, causes create effects and what you do affects not only yourself but the world around you. In our world it is easily possible to be a complete virtual university with employees, profits and shares exactly like in the real world. Or run virtual tours, or teach people how to excel at in-world games. There are no limits but our imagination.

To sum it up, our economy will be driven by these key factors:

Tokenization of virtual land and spaces.

Tokenization of digital assets.

Tokenization of virtual jobs and services.

Tokenization of educational assets and services.

Tokenization of creator assets

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