Land Owners

Land owner profiles

Land owners are the only user profile in Polyversity who have the ability to purchase land in the metaverse. Unlike other virtual worlds, for the Knowledge Park it will not be possible for just anyone to purchase any land parcel at random. Land owners (Los) will need to be authorized representatives of an educational institution in order to be able to buy land on its behalf.

We will need to take stringent steps to ensure that only official representatives of a university or school are able to buy land for it, and the institution will need to appoint a trusted person to be the land owner on their behalf.

Land owners have complete creative control over the parcels they buy- pretty much all the privileges or a WA, but specific only to the parcels they own. LOs are responsible for the landscaping, architecture, security, communication and upkeep of their parcels. It is possible for an LO to be the agent for multiple parcels, and it is they who will be responsible for its overall maintenance and upkeep. They will be paying the monthly rentals for each of their parcels.

Land Owners can also set specific per-parcel and per-plot permissions such as limiting the ability for avatars to fly, rez objects in the parcel, rent out parts of the parcel, host public events or keep areas private. These permissions are customizable based on plots within the parcel.

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