Polyversity is a permissioned and centralized metaverse focused on education, and users need to have access to specific areas at specific times.

Presently, there are 7 key types of users in Polyversity:

  • Super administrators

  • World Administrators

  • Land Owners

  • Land Administrators

  • Moderators

  • Users

  • General visitors/residents

Each one of these user types only has access to specific areas and controls within the virtual world and the website, as well as a user dashboard that is customized for them. It is also to be noted that post MVP we may need to add other user types such as shop owners, investors and others.

In this context, the world (also known as the grid) is divided into regions, which are further divided into parcels (each parcel being 4.5 acres.) Each parcel is further subdivided into 16 plots (1 per acre) whose permissions, environments and settings can be adjusted individually. This granularity is required because each parcel will have both public and private spaces that have specific conditions for the avatars within them.

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