Metaverses are a relatively new concept and technology, and there are very few currently that exist beyond the research phase. None are fully developed, and most are notably underdeveloped. Nearly all of them are centralized and controlled by companies or projects with a problematic consolidation of power. The Polyversity Metaverse is seeking to merge the concept of the metaverse with a real-world economy.

BBN (Bharat Blockchain Network) tokens will be used as the medium of exchange within the metaverse. They will be used to buy, sell, trade, and modify in-game assets and land NFTs. In addition, BBN tokens will be used as points of entry for various areas of the metaverse, for accessing games, virtual concerts and clubs, media, entertainment, education, travel, virtual real estate, services, social experiences and programs, and really anything else that a currency can be used for in the physical world. It is a digital currency for the virtual world.

Polyversity can be best described as a metaverse centered around education and the pursuit of knowledge. It allows both students and educators from institutions across India to freely interact, have inter-college events, placements and incubators right within the virtual world itself.

Additionally, there are areas of entertainment, shops, educational facilities, and more in the parcels that are adjoining the hub. The central hub will constantly expand as new regions are made available to players. There can be multiple hubs in varying sizes across the metaverse. Hubs can be set up by us or linked to the central hub by developers, corporations and anyone else who can afford to pay for the space and persistence.

Basically, we envision a continuously expanding universe with educational and government institutes, brands and business entities having the ability to add their own sections to it independently. A truly decentralized space.

The Polyversity platform is all about educating, playing, socializing, working, creating and interacting with each other much as we do in the real world, except not limited by geographical restrictions.

Creators are encouraged to put up their own creations, displaying them in the marketplace and selling them will incur gas fees paid for in BBN tokens that are exchangeable with fiat currency as well as most common cryptocurrencies. We will set limits to how many polygons the user is allowed to create each piece of content, but also allow for larger builds on the user’s own machine that can be brought online by a pay-per-view model.

We aim to make the world more accessible to general users by creatively utilizing newer technologies to offer the best possible experience.

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