Polyversity will initially follow a 5-year development roadmap with the following milestones:

2022-2023: Creation and conception of the Polyversity MVP:

  • Creation of the website

  • Conceptualization and setup of the 3D virtual world

  • Setup of the backend and server base

  • Creation of the token and wallet

2024-2025: Launch and expansion of the Polyversity MVP

  • Launch of the website, token and world for Knowledge City as MVP

  • Server reorganization to local temporary servers for gatherings

  • Evaluation of pure-metaverse en

  • Multiple events within the virtual world, event management and moderation tools

  • Creation and population of the marketplace and user inventory system

  • Partnering with universities and educational institutions to establish their presence inworld

  • Expanding partnerships across other avenues

  • Launching advanced teaching and event tools

  • Partnering with the MoE and other government institutions for the platform

  • Creation and setup of a fiat-token hybrid exchange system and economy

  • AI based Avatar creation and modification tools

  • Creating and launching an AI assisted creator tool to kickstart the creator economy

  • Dedicated teams for design, marketing, security and support

2025-2026: Expanding Polyversity

  • Launching all the other avenues and opening up parcels to businesses and other institutions

  • Opening the world up to individual creators and service personnel

  • Allowing for AI based agent avatars for all users (shift this to 2027)

  • Shifting to a data center driven land parcel system

  • Expanding avatar tools to include personal home spaces

  • Allowing rental of parcels and other services

  • Integrating full VR and AR functionalities and the presence engine

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